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Online Training Autopsy Forensic

Online Training Autopsy Forensic

Training yang biasanya dibanderol USD 495 digratiskan oleh ownernya pada masa Pendemi Covid-19.
Penawaran ini terbatas hanya sampai 15 Mei 2020. Buruan Daftar...

Autopsy Basics and Hands On (8-Hours)

Shows you how to install, configure, and use Autopsy to conduct a digital forensics investigation. Learn about hash sets, keyword searching, Android, timelines, and more. Includes hands-on labs.
Requires basic digital forensics knowledge.

Section 1: Basic Concepts
Section 2: Installation
Section 3: Cases and Data Sources
Section 4: UI Basics
Section 5: Analyzing Data Sources
Section 6: Hash Lookup Module
Section 7: Various Small Modules (File Type, Exif, etc.)
Section 8: Recent Activity
Section 9: Keyword Search
Section 10: Correlation Engine
Section 11: Android Analyzer
Section 12: Timeline Interface
Section 13: Image Gallery
Section 14: Communications Interface
Section 15: Tagging, Commenting, and Reporting
Section 16: 3rd Party Modules
Section 17: Conclusion

Link: https://www.autopsy .com/support/training/covid-19-free-autopsy-training/